Leading Educational Provider
Leading Educational Provider

Ace Tuition Centre has partnered with a leading educational provider to offer a learning support service to complement the professional tuition.The online activities support the National Curriculum and are designed to help and promote improvement in a student’s results, progress, motivation and confidence.
The lessons start from as little as £5 per week.
This service means that students have exercises to do at home throughout the week, with lessons available 24/7 with help from qualified teachers available Mondays to Saturdays.
Their game-based exercises increase the amount of student practice and learning by over 25%.
The exercises which the students do, are monitored so that parents can see exactly how their children are progressing.
Weekly reports are received and can be discussed at Guidance Meetings. These results are also used to focus the student’s continued learning support at the Centre through their regular tuition sessions.
All members have the benefit of discounted tuition fees.

Ace Tuition Centre offers the following services
ATC Plus
Regular face-to-face tuition sessions with qualified teachers in a positive environment partnered with the Home Service.

ATC Home Service
Individual online study programmes, supported by qualified teachers 6 days a week, on a one-to-one basis.

ATC Learning Class
The use of online learning activities in a safe, focused and supervised environment, with emphasis on maths, handwriting, spelling and grammar.

ATC Learning Class Plus
The Learning Class with the Home Service included.

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