I have been using Ace Tuition for the past 10 years for a variety of different children and young people. As a foster carer, it can be difficult to source the right education package for the children and young people i support. However, since working with Ace Tuition, it’s been a lot easier. Iain is always open to the diversity and challenges many of my young people face. I have had great success working with Ace from a young lady who was diagnosed with high functioning autism who achieved an A in English and a C grade in design which she took a year early! This was because the staff and support she received at Ace was designed to meet her individual educational needs, they were able to deliver tuition in a way she got the most out of. Recently, we had a 13 year old boy who had not been in education for nearly a year when he arrived. We got on to Iain at Ace and within a week, were able to arrange a 1-1 package to integrate the young man back to education. He attended for 10 hours a week for 4 months which was amazing! I would certainly recommend Ace Tuition to anyone seeking an individual, person centered education package from exam support to a full-time educational time table.
– Teresa Finney
I am a student at ACE Tuition and am currently in year 11 studying English Language, Maths and Biology GCSE’s and am also working towards my Level 2 ICT Functional Skills.I was in the middle of year 8 when I first joined and my grades were about 5 years below where they needed to be. I was really struggling in a school setting with bulling and arguments with both peers and teachers, which made the whole schooling atmosphere a horrible experience for me.

Since attending lessons at ACE, I have been able to catch up on the gap between my learning abilities and am now on track to pass my exams with good grades. The classes are small so there are less distractions and no bullying at all. The tutors are very patient, kind and extremely easy to get along with. They know how to accommodate each person’s learning style and you can tell they love their job.

I would highly recommend ACE to anyone who doesn’t thrive in the normal school setting.

– Present Student
With the pandemic going on and some family members more vulnerable than others, my parents made the choice to start home schooling me. I found school very hard and my mental health was slowly deteriorating to where I was diagnosed with depression, so starting home schooling seemed like the best option for me.It is a big adjustment at first and getting into a routine was the most difficult part but I love it now! I wish I had started home schooling sooner as I feel like my old self again. I have a set schedule which I stick to for work that I do at home, plus the lessons I have at ACE Tuition. The tutors are so lovely and try their best to make sure you know each topic before moving onto the next section. I am currently in year 11 and am working towards my Maths and English GCSE’s with a predicted 5/6 grade for both. The ACE centre I do my lessons in has a very calm and positive atmosphere which instantly makes you feel relaxed and ready to learn. I get homework which is marked and any incorrect answers discussed so I do not make the same mistake again.

With the flexibility of home schooling, I have also managed to get myself a part time job to learn new life skills and make my own money. This independence has boosted my confidence and my mental health has never been better!

I would definitely recommend home schooling and ACE Tuition for the extra needed support for learning.

– Present Student
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